Our journey

Or in other words

How the need to create

Becomes a beautiful story to tell

Legend has it that a famous pixie also known as AERIKO was wearing different sets of wings and every set made her feel a different kind of feeling. One glorious day AERIKO felt the intoxicating feeling of freedom and found its true self! AERIKO started roaming the world and its happy aura touched and moved deeply all the fashionistas! Follow in AERIKO’s steps, find your way, be true to yourself and dress in a stylish way that makes you feel self-assured.

AERIKO has, indeed, been established with a free-spirit culture in mind that may empower its customers through its clothes. Coats, jackets, jean jackets, leather jackets, faux furs, cardigans and kimonos of the finest design may bring out the spirit of AERIKO in you! Are you ready for such an adventure?

Aeriko consists of unique clothing items. Our Fashion Collections include Boho, Ethnic and Boheme style clothing that defies conventionality, inspires you to follow your wildest dreams and Carpe Diem!